Know Your Options Online Class is LIVE! Discounted Price for first 20 students.

Finally after over 2 years of planning and hoping, I have the Know Your Birth Options Online Class Series up and running.

After taking this session, I had a Dad comment, “I thought it was just epidural, or no epidural.”

You have a LOT of choices when it comes to your birth. Each segment you learn about different choices you have at
different times.

You can listen to them all, OR just the episodes that are interesting to you!

Each Episode lasts under 15 minutes (except induction class). I present balanced information, covering the pros and cons
of each choice, so you can choose what is best for YOU!

All 11 Classes for only $7.95
for the first 20 students.


Soon the price will rise to $25.

A typical class where I cover this material runs closer to $100 per couple.

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Only $7.95 for limited time.

Classes Included in Series


Episode 1: Introduction and BRAIND

An introduction of why knowing all your options is so important.

Questions to ask when interventions are suggested

Episode 2: Top Two Questions to Ask

The 2 most important questions to ask when an unplanned intervention is offered.

Episode 3: Choices of Care Provider

Learn about the different care providers you can choose from.

What questions can you ask to be sure they are the right fit for you?

Does it really matter? Aren’t they just there to catch?

Episode 4: Choices of Birth Location

Look at the different places you can birth and the pros and cons of both.

This is one class that I am going to be adding more to over the next few weeks.

Episode 5: Choices Before Birth

Do you need regular vaginal exam in late pregnancy?

What exactly is stripping the membranes?

Can late term ultrasounds cause more harm than good?

Episode 6: Induction: A Good Choice? Free For All!

I created a 30 minute lesson just for this hot topic.

How can you know if an induction is right for you?

What are the important questions you should ask before induction?

If you choose an induction, what can you do to help it
be a positive experience?

Episode 7: Choices When Get to Hospitals

From wearing a hospital gown,
vaginal exams
and getting an
to going without food or drink – we look at it all!

Episode 8: Choices During Birth

Is it best to break my water?

When is pitocin a good idea?

What about fetal monitoring?

What about Epidurals?

How can 2 hours help me avoid a cesarean?

Episode 9: Choices During Pushing

If I can’t lay on my back to sleep, why do they want me to while pushing?

Plus Episiotomy and Coached Pushing.

Episode 10: Choices for you and Baby After Birth

Pitocin after birth?

What about eye drops for the baby?

Circumsision and Vaccines covered too.

Class 11 – Birth Preferences

How to create birth preferences

Sample birth preferences to download

Using your birth preferences to communicate with your care provider.

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Only $7.95 for limited time.

Is this class right for you?

These classes are for ALL expecting moms, ones who are planning on an epidural or ones who are planning on going un-medicated.


These childbirth classes are NOT related to Hypnobabies at all,
however they are “Safe” for moms studying hypnosis for childbirth.


Using the latest in Brain Research!

Divided into 15 minute segments:

  • Most IMPORTANT information shared.
  • Learn about what YOU want to.
  • Easy to fit into busy schedules.


Material Presented in Sticky Ways and follows Brain Rules!

  • Helps you remember more.
  • Able to apply what you learned!


Available as MP3:

  • Learn in the way that works best for your brain!
  • Visual learners have pictures.
  • Auditory learners listen.
  • Some Classes have Worksheets as well


  • Learn when it is best for you!
  • While driving in car.
  • While taking a work break.
  • While taking a walk.


Anyone who is Expecting a Baby!

    • If you need a refresher childbirth course.


    • If you have taken a childbirth course but need more information on a certain topic.


    • If you don’t have time to read a lot of birth books, but want the most important information.


    • If you ran out of time to take a childbirth course.


    • If you took a hospital class, but felt something was “missing”.


    • Classes are safe for parents studying hypnosis for childbirth! I know with the right tools, birth CAN be comfortable and reinforce that idea.



What these classes are NOT!


    • Currently these classes are NOT meant to give you a lot of tools to prepare for birth,
      they are meant to give you relevant information. (There will be a tools and tips segment added soon, but most segments focus on key birth information.)


    • These classes are NOT related to Hypnobabies at all. They are “safe”
      for parents studying hypnosis for childbirth.

      This is purely information about childbirth.
      If you are interested in Hypnobabies, (I feel the best, most complete childbirth preparation out there)
      please click here to see how you can take a Hypnobabies Class.


  • These classes are NOT meant to replace taking an Independent Childbirth Class,
    rather they are meant to refresh your memory or supplement your learning.
    However I know today many parents are choosing not to
    take Childbirth Classes. These would be an option for you. Though I think it is well worth your time to take a full class!

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Only $7.95 for limited time.

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