31 days took a lot out of me and the Eagle has landed!

While it was fun to post 31 days in a row, it was tiring too.

So I needed a little break.

I haven’t really been sitting around eating bon bons.

Birth wise –

  • I am working on getting a podcast up and running
  • and I am writing another book
  • I just finished up a Hypnobabies Class Series
  • I am on call to be a doula as back up and then for my friend having her 8th baby!  🙂
  • I hope to be posting about blessing ways and catch up on some birth stories I have waiting in the wings for you.
  • Also I will be sharing something personal that happened to me birthwise a few months ago.

Mom wise

  • I helped with the boys Harvest Faire this past weekend and it was a great success.
  • T2 is busy making music and I am helping him with that, as well as driving him to many different performing activities.
  • T3 is loving 1st grade and having lots of playdates after school.
  • T1 earned his EAGLE SCOUT!!!!  That was huge.  I was the encourager, but he did it all.  It took over a year from finishing his project to getting it done.  But yay, that is huge.  BTW, this is the first hug I have gotten from him in years.


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  1. Thank you for doing the Enjoy Birth series. I greatly enjoyed reading it. I’m looking forward to reading more of your birth-related posts.

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