morning sickness

32. Morning Sickness Help – 3 Ideas you haven’t tried yet

Self Hypnosis

Self Hypnosis can be used to retrain the brain and feel better.  

Hypnobabies has a MP3 you can download to help Eliminate Nausea.  

You listen to it while relaxing and it helps reprogram your brain and gives you a physical anchor to feel better.

Energy Work

In some situations your body and the baby don’t energetically connect the way they ideally will. This can cause confusion and over reaction in your body.

I can do energy work over the phone and shift the energy, so that your baby and body work together instead of fighting against each other.  Contact me if you want more information!

This is a fast and powerful way to shift Morning Sickness and feel better.

Essential Oils

Here are some good ones to help your tummy feel better!


Lemon essential oil, like all citrus oils, can be helpful for pregnant moms being triggered by certain smells during pregnancy. Simple open a bottle of lemon and take some deep breaths.


Lavender can be used for SO many things during pregnancy. It’s relaxing and calming and can help you sleep better.  It can also be calming to an upset stomach.


Peppermint essential oil has so many great uses during pregnancy including helping with smell sensitivities. You can simply open the bottle and sniff it or diffuse it along with a citrus, like lemon or orange.


Ginger essential oil is another way you can support any queasy feelings. You can diffuse ginger essential oil, use it in a roller and apply topically to your tummy

Digest Zen Blend

This is an awesome Doterra blend specifically for upset tummies. It is one of our go to blends in our house.

Want More Tips?

Here are some more tips to have a happy pregnancy tummy!

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