Miserable with Morning Sickness?

Can you give me tips on how to get rid of this morning sickness?

There was a mom on the Hypnobabies Yahoo Group who was kind enough to share her tips.  Here is a link to the Happy Pregnancy Tummy PDF

It has great info!  Also she references the Eliminate Nausea Hypnobabies script which has helped many moms.

Another very powerful tool is EFT.  There are some moms who find that tapping on certain issues have helped clear up their morning sickness.    You can contact Sondra, who can do EFT via Skype!

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5 thoughts on “Miserable with Morning Sickness?”

  1. Thanks for posting that! I’ll link to it!

    Unfortunately none of those things worked for me with serious hyperemesis – I needed to turn to pharmaceuticals. But for lesser forms of pregnancy nausea, I’m glad to have this sheet available!

  2. I think that trying the natural route first is a great choice. Then moving on to more if you still need it.

    Just curious, did you try EFT?

  3. No, I stuck with, oh, let’s see…. herbs, homeopathy, supplements, that route. Unfortunately, none of it worked!! I spent a year researching before we got pregnant (after experiencing an HG pregnancy, so knowing what was coming) and made a rather extensive protocol sheet – but none of it helped, LOL! So I turned to Unisom/B6 and Zofran (24 mg/day), and got through. Still miserable but at least not suicidal – a definite improvement! 🙂

  4. Morning Sickness

    I’ve recently just starting a blog on this topic, thanks for the great information and boost that i required.

  5. Morning Sickness Cures

    Pregnancy is an exciting time of many changes in a woman’s life. But for most women, along with the wonderful baby-waiting experiences, morning sickness often comes uninvited — worst thing.

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