A must read book for Introverts

The Introvert Advantage by Marti Laney


On the back cover it says, “Filled with Aha! Moments.”


It is true, as an Introvert, I had many of these reading this book.  I scrapbook with a group of wonderful girls.  One time Christine brought this book.  We took the quiz and all but one of us are introverts.  It was fun to realize that about each other and maybe it is why we all get along so well, we can understand each other.  One of my Aha moments, was I hate to make phone calls.  Apparently this is a situation many introverts face.  It made me feel less weird.  J


I have learned a lot about personality types for years now and read many different books, mostly focusing on the Myers/Briggs test.  It is really interesting because I was an INFJ when I first was married and now I am and ISFJ.  You can take the test yourself at mypersonality.info 



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This was the first book I had seen or read about introverts specifically.  It was wonderful to read.  It has helped me to understand more about myself and also my son who is an introvert as well.  I think it has also helped me to better understand my husband who is an extrovert, because it does have a section about introvert/extrovert couples.


So I recommend The Introvert Advantage to any introvert, or anyone who deals with an introvert on a frequent basis (family member, colleague)  Some of my other favorite personality books are Nurture by Nature and MotherStyles , both parenting books.  The first focuses on your children’s personality styles and how to help them, the second focuses on your personality and how to use your strengths as a mother. 

 I think understanding your personality style and those around you can help you in your relationships.  🙂  Enjoy!

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3 thoughts on “A must read book for Introverts”

  1. Thanks for making more mothers aware of MotherStyles. I wanted to also mention that if they go to my website they can take a mini-quiz to guess their personality type and read a thumbnail profile of their mothering style. Happy Mothering to you all!

  2. I’ve been doing a lot more research into introversion lately, so this is a book I think I’ll check out. I know what you mean about feeling less weird when you realized lots of people feel the same way about being social and stuff.

    As far as relationships, yeah, my girlfriend is a serious extrovert. Sometimes at a social setting, I’ll have to walk off by myself for a few minutes to recharge my batteries. Unfortunately she thinks this means I’m avoiding her…eek! Anyway, thanks for the suggestion!

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