4 thoughts on “ACOG's Statement on Homebirth”

  1. Home Birth Advocate

    Thanks for blogging about this travesty. When a trade union holds such power over women’s health and the health of their newborns, it’s a tragedy. Women from all walks of life choose home birth b/c it’s what’s best for their children (not to mention themselves.) Jennifer Block, author of the book, PUSHED, has responded on her blog as well http://www.pushedbirth.com/

    This is clearly a turf battle that’s heating up b/c Certfied Professional Midwives, nationally certified home birth midwives, are now licensed in nearly half of all states, and there is pending legislation to licensed certified professional midwives in 20 more states. For more information see http://www.thebigpushformidwives.org

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  3. Check out my response to ACOG as well as a much more hopeful note from the Royal College of OB/GYNs and the Royal College of Midwives. We will align ourselves with the rest of the civilized world until ACOG stands alone!
    Maria Iorillo, MANA

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