Any Passionate VBAC Moms in Orange County want to make a difference?

The OC ICAN chapter is closing down, unless there is a passionate mom out there willing to head it!

Here is an e-mail I got from a woman whose birth was wonderfully affected by ICAN of OC

Hey Sheridan,

you and I met at a Hypnobabies open house at Carole’s back in Aug/Sept 08 – I moved back to Pennsylvania and had an HBAC but I started my VBAC journey in southern OC (where I had my unnecessary traumatic cesarean with my daughter).

I have since founded a local ICAN chapter here – ICAN of Lehigh Valley, Allentown, PA and I am also ICAN’s Mideast Regional Coordinator.

I noticed that ICAN of Orange County is on the list of chapters that will be declared closed because the most recent 6 month financial report was not received.  I know Penny was stepping down as CL but I had hoped that someone would’ve taken her place so that this chapter wouldn’t close.

I only attended one ICAN of Orange County meeting but it changed my life and being a part of the ICAN of OC Yahoo group was essential my having my VBAC.

Please let me know if you or anyone else you know can help save the chapter from closing by volunteering as chapter leader!  I hope someone will!  Orange County NEEDS ICAN!


While I would love to do this, I am overwhelmed with all the work I am already doing in the birth world, as well as raising 3 boys and doing my church callings, not to mention my sweet husband who helps me do all I do.  However if there is a mom out there who has a passion about birth and wants to do SOMETHING to make a difference, this may be the way for you!

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