Go to Berkley for Free

Here is your chance to go to Berkley for free and learn about your amazing female body!

A video on the Female Reproductive System from Berkley.

It was sort of old school – writing on a chalk board instead of a power point.  But great information for any woman.  If you are a birth worker, even more so.

Thanks for Joni for sharing this!

In April I read an article in the New York Times about fee courses online from major universities.
One of these, Integrative Anatomy; taught by Marian Diamond at the University of California Berkeley is one I am taking now.
Wow and wow!!!
What a professor she is.  She never loses sight of the fascination and wonder of the body as she patiently and elegantly communicates the technical aspects.
There are 44 lectures (each about 50 minutes) and if you’d like to jump directly to the female reproductive system you can take lecture 38 which I’ve provided below.

I hope that many of you will be as charmed by Prof Diamond’s teaching as I am.  I thought my undergraduate university professor of anatomy was pretty terrific but this time I can take class when I want to and don’t have to scramble across campus at 8am  lol


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