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This week, I actually have gathered links from the past few weeks I had been e-mailing myself to post about.  I am finally catching up.  So here are some new and older posts.  But they are all great!

Obesity is the Perfect Scapegoat – looks at how “obese” women are being induced at such high rates, that is skewing the cesarean rates.

What the Midwife Heard – is a sad smattering of conversations this midwife has overheard.  I was appalled, but not surprised at some of the comments she has heard nurses and OBs saying.  It reinforces the importance of Choosing your Care Providers Wisely.  However, the problem with hospital births, is you are never sure who will be there.  It does demonstrate why having a doula at a hospital birth can be so helpful.  A doula can help to protect your space as you birth.  However, they are not magical, if you have a completely un-supportive care provider it is near impossible to protect you from that.

2+2 still = 4, so don’t discourage childbirth classes Looks at how educating moms helps them to make more informed choices which will lead to lower cesarean rates.

When Women Fall in Love with Their OBs – The Midwife Next Door looks at the problem of women loving their OBs.

Think about your birth story, and whom you want it to be about.  Find a provider who makes it about you.

Awesome Post on Birth Plans – I think that having birth preferences is very important.  Birthing Beautiful Ideas looks at the “risks” of birth plans and more importantly how to make them really work FOR you.

Formula for Sale – Talking about formula salesmen.  I love her insights and I hope she is right that one day the last quote will be true!

Simplest Breastfeeding Advice I Know I loved this post.  I agree, sometimes all we need is encouragement as we are learning to breastfeed.  (Sometimes we need more, but most moms just need support.)

But I cannot express how much it helped to see my husband–my fellow traveler in this strange and sometimes awkward parenting adventure–look at me and say, “Honey, you are doing such a good job.”

Induction Increases Cesarean Risk – Shocking I know.  Jill at Unnecesarean looks at and discusses article in Time

Hillarious Story about Breastfeeding and Forgetting a Pump at a Wedding – Spit or Swallow?

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