Are scary things really scary?

My friend is scared of birth. She has birthed 2 babies, but she hyperventilates at baby showers when people share their birth stories.   She just can’t bear to think about it at all.

If she was ever to get pregnant again, I would highly suggest she use Hypnobabies.  Maybe not to prepare for an un-medicated birth, but rather to enjoy her pregnancy more and feel more excited about her birth, instead of fearful.  She could still get an epidural if she wanted, of course.  But her overall experience would be enjoyable instead of scary.

She is my same friend that does 100 mile bike rides.

That sounds so scary to me and not fun at all.  But I wonder, if I started training on a daily basis, after a few months a 100 mile bike ride might actually be enjoyable.

It is just scary to think about from where I sit, not biking at all.

Preparation and perception can make scary things not so scary after all!

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3 thoughts on “Are scary things really scary?”

  1. I will admit to being scared of birth at times. But I’m not really scared of the actual birth but rather my reaction to it. I hope that I can be calm and relaxed and really experience birth as it is meant to experienced. I’m afraid that I might become overwhelmed and forget to relax (which could give way to some anxiety and insecurity). I hope that by having birth partners that know me and whom I trust will help me feel safe in my experience and hopefully will help me remain assured that I’m laboring as I’m supposed to and the outcome will be amazing!

  2. I think it is normal to be somewhat nervous before birth, because it is an unknown. We don’t know exactly what will happen. But going in prepared and surrounded by supportive people will set you up for the best experience possible.

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