Baby Massage Video

I was excited to have the opportunity to review Baby Massage: The Gift of Love.  They sent me a copy so I could watch and review it.

I decided to share with my friend who had a baby 4 weeks ago, so she could put it into practice.  This is what she said.

When I got it out it I didn’t’ want to do a long  routine so I was happy to see there were different segments to do.  For instance a colic massage routine.  Each routine was short and only took a few minutes.  So before knew it I had done a few different ones.

The explanations were easy to follow along with.  Step by step instructions and demonstrated clearly.

My baby enjoyed the massage and it was fun to do with her.

I took a baby massage class with my 2nd baby and it was fun, but hard to get out of the house with a new baby.  Not to mention it was an hour long for 2 different sessions.

With the video it was easy to do, shorter with no driving needed!   I didn’t have to go anywhere and it was just as helpful as the class I took.

I would agree that this is a good instructional video, easy to learn from and makes a great gift!  🙂 I too think it is great that it is divided into short segments that allow moms to jump to the area or subject they want to work on if only a short amount of time is available.


Enjoy! I know your baby will. 😉

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