Enjoying Pregnancy Birth and Babies – My First Podcast! – [Podcast 001]

I have been wanting to do a podcast for over 2 years now. I finally am making my dream come true! Well, that may be a little over dramatic, but I am pretty excited about it.    I am basically doing this instead of an online childbirth class.  Much easier and free for moms everywhere!!!

It is on iTunes so you can subscribe to it there.  https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/enjoy-birth-blog/id579180530

In this first episode, I introduce myself, make a confession that I hope my parents don’t hear and let you know what to look forward to in future episodes!

I have my first few episodes already recorded and hope to post one every other Wednesday.  Here is a look at what is to come.

  • What is a Birth Doula
  • Moms Deserve Medals
  • Life as a Doula



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