Being a Doula with Three Little Boys

Well, some may not like to be called little.  Here are my 3 boys.  3 Things

We went to the Zoo on Saturday and they wore their Thing shirts that Nana got them at Universal Studios.  We got so many comments about the shirts.   Especially when DH had Thing 2 and I had Thing 1 and 3.  I got a lot of, where is Thing 2?

They are 10, 7 and 2.  Luckily they are all pretty laid back and happy to go to a friends house when I am at a birth.  I am also very blessed to have 4 friends who are able to take them at different times and a DH who owns his own business, so in a pinch he can stay home or come home early. 

For the last 2 births, Bryson (thing 3) started with Alison (my doula who is my #1 on call as we back each other up and do childcare for each other when we are at births), the big boys went to my friend Stacy’s house after school, Alison picked them up around 5.  Stacy picked up Thing 1 for piano lessons at 6:45 (he has group lessons with her daughter) then I had hired a grown up babysitter to pick them up Thing 2 and 3 at 7 and put them to bed and babysit them until my DH got home from his Scout meeting at 9:30. 

DH called Alison and she had Bryson on Wed morning, allowing me to sleep a bit before resuming my mom role for the day. 

I have 2 other friends who I have used as well.  Jenn, who is more like a sister than a friend, she is my, “I will be calling you in the middle of the night” person, when DH is gone at a scout camp out.  She is priceless.  Then my friend Jenny who is just a laid back mom, who having 3 extra boys at any random time, doesn’t freak her out.  She is a gem! 

I feel very lucky to have so many people I can call at a moments notice, if a birthing mom needs me.  I honestly don’t worry at all about my boys when I am away.   I know someone I trust will be taking good care of them.   I will have to tell the other story of crazy back to back LONG births I had in October.  When I finally saw Devon after those births he said, “I thought you had a part time job.” 

Maybe my next post.  

Share with me how you doula if you have young kids? 

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  1. Aren’t these three going to break a few hearts as they get older. God’s gifts to us all these three, and wonderful little men. Look after these little guys, and hug them each and every day, and they’ll be close to you forever.

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