The problem with "great ideas"

        They are not used wisely.   I thought of this when at the last birth I attended as a doula, the OB says, “You have fallen off the ‘curve’ of typical labor progression. ”  Referring to the bell curve of the length of typical stages of birth, developed by Emanual Friedman.  He is horrified on how that […]

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Birth by Tina Cassidy

Birth by Tina Cassidy Who is the intended audience of this book?  Care providers of pregnant women… if they actually take time to read it, the may learn something.  Women of childbearing age or younger or anyone in their families…. DO NOT read this book It is scary to read and starting with the first

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I LOVE being a doula.

It is such an honor to be invited by a family to support them during the birth of their child.  I was lucky enough to attend 2 births this past week.  While they were both long, I was energized throughout because I was at such a momentous wonderful occasion! How can a doula benefit you?

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Enjoy Birth

Is that really possible?  Isn’t birth scary, hard, painful, horrible?  No, it doesn’t have to be.  Birth can be beautiful, wonderful, enjoyable.  How?  Educate yourself, empower yourself and choose wisely who, where and when you have your baby. Check out  for Hypnobabies and Hypno-doula Information and  for other independent childbirth class options and

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