Enjoy Birth

Is that really possible?  Isn’t birth scary, hard, painful, horrible? 

No, it doesn’t have to be.  Birth can be beautiful, wonderful, enjoyable. 

How?  Educate yourself, empower yourself and choose wisely who, where and when you have your baby.

Check out www.enjoybirth.com  for Hypnobabies and Hypno-doula Information and  www.independentchildbirth.com  for other independent childbirth class options and www.dona.org for birth doula information

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1 thought on “Enjoy Birth”

  1. After having had a not so enjoyable birth with my first (a very long labor which ended in an emergency cesarean in which I was put under general anasthetic) I decided to learn everything I could about birthing. I became a doula. I researched until I was blue in the face. For my second birth, I hired a midwife and had a homebirth. And I can honestly say it was enjoyable. And fun. And I can’t wait to do it again!!! (in about 7 months).

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