Breastfeeding Normalcy Begins at Home

T1 saw that I have a button about Breastfeeding in Public on my blog and he was horrified.  “Mom, why do you have that on there?”

Because I think moms should be able to nurse anywhere.

“Mom, just please don’t have that!

I said, “T1 – sit down.  I may do things that embarrass you about birth or breastfeeding, but know I am not going to change.  It is all natural and good and it is important you know that and that everyone knows that breastfeeding is natural and normal and should be done anywhere!”

“Oh, OK Mom.”  (said with an eye roll of course)

I think that it is so important that we teach kids about natural things like it is normal.  We talk to our boys about where babies come from, we use proper terms and it is just something that is normal.

I breastfed my boys anywhere they were hungry.  Apparantly T1 doesn’t remember, or it seems weirder now that he is 12.

I will admit sometimes when I see a nursing mom now, for a brief second it sometimes seems unusual.  But then I remember it is normal, I did that!  Seeing it is different then doing it, but it is normal and natural.  So I then smile at them and sometimes give them a thumbs up.

Why in our society, is it OK for a woman to show off her breasts, inviting attention to them, but it isn’t OK for a mom to feed her baby?

Let’s start teaching our kids what breasts are for, it will help our future generation to have an easier time with breastfeeding.

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2 thoughts on “Breastfeeding Normalcy Begins at Home”

  1. Good for you to explain to your son that breastfeeding is normal! We need all moms to spread the word.

  2. Yes! I think if we start it at home, with older siblings seeing younger siblings do it, and seeing what breasts are for, then maybe those kids will grow up seeing breastfeeding as normal. Maybe then it will be easier for the next generation of moms to nurse anywhere.

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