Breasts are NOT for Entertainment Purposes

When I see the way many women are dressed today, I would have to say that women are encouraged to show off her breasts.

Why in our society, is it OK for a woman to show off her breasts actually inviting attention to them, but it isn’t OK for a mom to feed her baby?

I love the post about Public Breastfeeding at Nurtured Hearts Birthing Services, reminding everyone that you see way more breasts on magazine covers and women walking around at the mall, then you do when a mom is nursing.

Women are getting kicked out of restaurants and stores for feeding their babies and that is wrong!

Let’s compare pictures.

The picture above is of a woman showing off her breasts.  If she came into McDonalds, she may actually get extra special customer service from a male worker.

Here is a picture of me nursing my son. If I was sitting in a chair in McDonalds looking like this, someone may try to kick me out.  This actually happened to a mom last week in Arizona.

Click here to find out about the scheduled Breast In.

Why is this happening?  Why can women show off their breasts in public, but get “in trouble” for feeding their babies?

We have forgotten what breasts are FOR!

How have we forgotten that breasts are for feeding babies?   I guess through years of seeing print and TV ads using breasts to sell things we have forgotten what breasts ARE for.  Feeding babies.

Biologically a woman has a uterus to grow a baby and breasts to feed that baby.

Just because men like to look at breasts, doesn’t change the basic fact that they are on our bodies to feed babies.

Amended to add, they are also entertaining.

My husband reminded me that breasts are also entertaining.

It is fine that men like breasts.  I am glad that my husband is entertained by mine.

It is true that they can be used to sell beer and other products.

It is fine that women are seen by some as useful for only entertainment purposes. (I don’t  think that it is OK and you can bet that I talk to my 3 sons about it and how it isn’t right to objectify women like that… however that is a whole different blog post for a different day.)

Women, stand up for your breasts!

I just want you to stand up for your breasts rights.  Don’t be limited by others expectations.

Break free, join the 21st century and feed babies.

If you don’t have babies to feed right now, then your breasts can stand united with other breasts.

You can tell all women, young and old that her breasts are great just the way they are.  They are for more then entertainment purposes, they are also for feeding babies!

What do you think?

Are breasts just for entertaining others, feeding babies or both?

Edited to add I love this post by a Dad who explains his thoughts about breastfeeding!

First Photo is by Miss Pupik

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25 thoughts on “Breasts are NOT for Entertainment Purposes”

  1. Right on! What is the deal with breastfeeding making some people uncomfortable? I think those people can’t separate the sexuality of breasts from the utilitarian purpose of breasts.

  2. I agree totally…..I also think that women have a responasibility to not exploit their breasts for attention, money or whatever.
    Modesty is the outward expression of our self respect.

  3. If children were exposed to the normalcy of breastfeeding mothers, nobody would feel weird as an adult to see a mom feeding her baby. I think that’s were we have to start. Mothers shouldn’t hide from their older children so that they can grow up to be normal adults.
    And really – there’s NOTHING TO SEE!!!!!!!!

  4. What? It’s not all about the objectifying gaze and money?? Who knew?? Really though, I think this is so true and you chose the perfect pictures to illustrate your point.

  5. Yes, and amen to all the above, with one addition. Breasts are for breastfeeding, of course (and, boy, have mine seen a lot of action!), but they are also for women’s sexual pleasure. Not necessarily at the same time we’re breastfeeding, although some women experience this, and that’s fine. But we talk as if breasts were either for breastfeeding OR for men’s entertainment, and that leaves out our pleasure. The erectile tissue is good for providing an easy latch, but it’s also to make us feel good. That is as much our birthright as breastfeeding is. (Naturally, YMMV, in the way all women feel sexual pleasure differently.)

  6. I love it, you “most vital tools – my boobs!”
    So very true. They are almost magical in how they can help a baby or toddler stop crying.

  7. I totally agree with you! In fact, my current giveaway helps conceal those over exposed breasts!! I will never understand why people have issues with breast feeding. Its a natural thing people!!! HELLO!! thats what they’re for =)

  8. Hi again,
    I dont understand the ugliness towards breastfeeding… When did this start? Nursing a baby is the most natural thing to do and the reason we have breasts on our chest…
    Yeah, some will beg to differ but we know that there is an incredible bond that is created between mother and child during breastfeeding that can last a life time. I nursed my babies and dont regret it.
    I agree with you, enough with the agida people. Leave us the heck alone! Excellent post! Will tweet and follow you.

  9. Great post! I wish that I had gotten the chance to breastfeed but didn’t. I hate that its such a taboo in our country to nurse in public!

  10. Vaginas are for sex AND for birthing babies, right? So, breasts can also have more than one function, too. From an evolutionary psychology perspective, the reason men find breasts attractive is because his instincts tell him that they make it possible for her to nourish his children.

  11. “the reason men find breasts attractive is because his instincts tell him that they make it possible for her to nourish his children.”
    That is a great point!

  12. Boobs for entertainment often lead to boobs for food. I am perfectly fine having multi purpose boobs. My toddler likes them, the new baby will like them and my husband loves them. I think they’re pretty damn awesome too.

  13. Fantastic Sheridan!
    I’ve been itching to write a blog about this exact topic. This has inspired me to get on it. I too feed my little one anytime, anywhere…people are often shocked as I am walking around stores with my baby in the sling as she BFs. Sometimes they see a little handout of the sling and then peek in to take a look at the baby. I try to give a little warning when a man does it but when a woman does it, they are almost always thrilled that I am BFing AND doing about my business as usual. I feel so fortunate that I have had no negative reception regarding BFing but am ready for it if it should happen. It makes life as a mother do-able, I can’t imagine parenting an infant without my most vital tools- my boobs! Thanks for this great blog and the links in it- I will be sure to link to it from my post too!

  14. Well I don’t have big boobs, so I don’t have anything to show off, but I do get tired of seeing women in low cut blouses, especially young/teen girls. And like you, I think it is ridiculous a mother can’t feed her child in public as long as she is well covered. That is why God gave women breasts in the first place.

    Stopping by from SITS BLog Frog!

  15. It was a joy for me to breast feed my babies. They are teenagers now but I still remember how much I loved the feeling of having them at my breasts. When I see women breast feeding now, I’m somewhat jealous that I’m past that stage.
    Loved your blog post!
    I’m here from Blog Post and I’m delighted I discovered your site.

  16. Jenn of

    I would say breasts are for both. I certainly don’t mind having them entertain me as well. Aren’t we lucky to have these beautiful bodies that can function to feed others as well as entertain. LOL! Stopping back by from SITS comment exchange post.

  17. I don’t think breasts should be for entertainment at all. That breasts are considered entertainment is very objectifying towards women. It makes me cringe how many breast shots there are in movies and tv shows, and then you hear all the guys hollering and hooting.

    Breasts are for only one purpose. That purpose is to feed babies. The reason guys are attracted to them is because instinctually they know that breasts will feed their offspring. The same reason guys like curvacious hips on a woman, so she can deliver his offspring down her birth canal.

    Yes, guys are attracted to breasts. That’s fine, enjoy your mate’s breasts. But let’s stop the objectification, people. It’s degrading. Let’s have some respect for our women.

    I support breastfeeding in public.

  18. I don’t agree with the ‘men are attracted to boobs because they know it will feed their baby.’ We have gotten so far away from our basic instincts it’s ridiculous. If this were true, more men would encourage women to breastfeed. So many men are disgusted at a baby suckling their mama’s breasts but these are the same men in the strip clubs objectifying women. I have heard it so many times that they don’t want to share their ‘toys.’

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