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Qigong 101 review

I have never been successful at having a consistent exercise routine.  Ever!  When I first heard about Qigong, I followed along with a few videos on YouTube and enjoyed it but wasn’t sure how to make it a daily routine.  So, I was intrigued when a friend told me about a free online Art of Self-Healing class by his Qigong Instructor.

He is offering his free class again right now.   I wanted to share it with my Enjoy Birth readers.  Because what I learned was so helpful for me!

I watched some of Sifu Anthony’s videos and liked how he taught in simple easy steps that built upon each other.  This was something I could do!  When I learned about his Qigong 101 class, I decided to sign up and I even talked my Mom into signing up too, so we could encourage each other.  She had been struggling with some health issues, so knew it would benefit her to add this exercise into her life.  I wanted to have daily exercise, but also physically I had been struggling with neck pain and stiffness.  I was curious if qigong would help.

How it has helped me.

I am exercising every day.  It has been 10 months now and I love Qigong 101!   Each week we would learn something new and then  there was a guided MP3 to practice it throughout the week.  On days I didn’t have enough time, I would do a quick 3-minute practice on my own.  But I have done qigong every day (except 1) since January 1st.  This is miraculous for me!  My mom also has had great success and it is fun doing it together and talking about the different techniques we are learning and practicing.

My neck is doing much better.  It took about a month of qigong and I noticed a big difference.  Then in April I fell and hurt my neck, the pain and stiffness were back.  I didn’t let it keep me down, I kept exercising every day, without pushing it and mixing it up to do exercises that felt good for my body.  It took about a month, but by May I was feeling good again and except for a few days when I slept funny, I can say overall my neck is happy and comfortable.

I have LOVED what I have learned and plan to make qigong a daily habit for the rest of my life, like meditation, prayer and scripture study.  IT is a tool to help set me up for success each day.  I love that I can do it in 3 minutes on crazy mornings.  I also can do it in tiny steps throughout the day.  So, it is something anyone can add into their routine.   I do the longer sessions about 3-5 times a week.

Check out the Free Class

I highly recommend checking out the free Art of Self-Healing Class.  You will learn some tools that can help you, not only with healing, but with life!  😊

As far as I understand  Qigong is safe to do while pregnant (always check with your careprovider before starting a new exercise routine).  It is easy to do after you have a baby.  You can do a quick 3 minute exercise and it can give you energy to make it through the day.  Or with more time you can do a longer 20 minute set exercise.

If you sign up for one of his other classes through my link, I’ll get a commission!  How cool is that?  This is like a rewards program.  It won’t cost you anything extra, but you’ll be helping me to earn rewards.

Most importantly you will get to learn about qigong and how it can help you in your life!

If you have any questions about my experience, let me know.  I am happy to answer them!

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