Why should you “Pick a Word” for 2019?

Have you seen friends posting their “Word” for the year? 

What is that all about?

I think for many people it is just a fun thing to do.  But after a few weeks they have usually forgotten their word.  So, it isn’t actually a tool for them to create change.

However, a word can be a light to help guide you through your year.

I will confess the first few years I picked a word, I was doing it for fun.

However, last year I was VERY intentional about picking my word and then incorporating it into my daily life.  It was a completely different experience and my word helped me make it through a year with a lot of personal challenges and changes.

Want to find out what my word was and how it helped me in 2018? 

Sign up for my 5-day challenge to Find and Embrace the Ideal Word God Wants for You!  (I really need to learn to make shorter titles 😉)

Then join the special Facebook Page (the link will be in the automated e-mail you get after signing up) and I will have a video there explaining my year and how my word helped me through it!

Have you picked out a word before?  Did you find it helpful? 

Maybe you picked a word for your pregnancy or birth!  I had a word for my last birth – “Peace”  It also happened to be a Hypnobabies cue, which was awesome!

Do you want to learn more about my 5-day Challenge?

You can find out more by clicking here Which will take you to my Enjoy Life website.

Or you can go ahead and sign up now.  🙂

Hope to See You There!


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