Choose wisely!

Care providers can make or break a birth experience.  Asking questions long before the birth can help you determine what they are wanting to do and what they are able to provide.

I had a client who shared her birth plan, the OB balked and said, “Sounds like you want a midwife.”  I saw this as a great escape for mom.  He was basically saying, I can’t give you what you want.  Go somewhere else.  But the mom changed her birth plan instead of changing care providers.

Her birth was amazing, until her OB came in for pushing.  The whole tone changed.  It was frustrating to see.

L&D Nurses see this too and want to vent about it.

Here is another doula’s point of view of an Old School OB.  She brings up a great point, that very likely you aren’t even sure who your attending OB will be.

Choose your care provider wisely (and the group of care providers you are in)!

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