Destroy Birth with Hippo-Babies

I have a large lettering on the back of my van.  My oldest son, Thing 1 does not exactly love that.

About 3 years ago (when he was 9) he made up this scenario:

Destroy Birth with Hippo-Babies.  We let a herd of hippos loose in your hospital room while you are birthing.

He was even going to make a Lego Video about it.  I really want him to and keep saying, “Make that video for me!”

I sometimes feel like hospital births can be like that.

No, I have never seen a Hippo, but some of the other things they do and the overall chaos that can seem to enter the room (especially as mom is starting to push) can seem to destroy the peaceful birth mom is hoping for.

I will say that using Hypnobabies does help moms to typically stay calm and focused despite the chaos.  But it can be as crazy as hippos running through your room.

I will have to show him the post on My OB said WHAT?  About Hippo Birthing (indeed the comment is appropriate for a 9 yo boy, but not an OB).  Maybe it will inspire him to make the movie.   I am curious as to how he is going to have the Legos birthing?  Will the mom have a doula?  Maybe a Birth Ball?

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  1. Actually, I like that statement since Taweret was a hippo and the goddess of fertility and childbirth, totally appropriate.

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