Diva Cup Review – No more tampons or pads?

I was excited to get a Diva Cup to try, now that I am having periods again!

I love the idea of the Diva Cup because

  • It is greener(less waste then pads and tampons)
  • I don’t love tampons
  • I don’t love pads

This video sums up why I want to be a Diva!

I wish I could say I loved using the Diva Cup right away

– I have grown to love it, but there is a bit of a learning curve.

I found the first few times I tried it, it wasn’t great.

  • The stem kept poking me.
  • It also seemed to keep falling out.

I did some research and

  • Trimmed the stem
  • Realized I needed to do my kegals (knew this already, but was too lazy before)

So I trimmed the stem and did kegals for a month, wondering if it would make a difference for the next time.

I started my period again and was excited to try again.

  • I realized I needed to trim the stem more – I did and finally it was comfortable
  • My kegels had helped, but I realized I needed to do more, it would still slip down in certain positions.

I had worn the Diva Cup about 5 times now and it seemed to get better each time.  I was feeling more comfortable putting it in and out.  I had only worn it when I knew I was going to be home.

I downloaded a kegal app on my phone and am doing lots of those a day.  Hoping it will pay off next cycle.  I am actually looking forward to my period, so I can try again.

4th Times a Charm?

My kegals paid off!  I can put in the Diva Cup fairly easily now.  It is comfortable.  It also stays in.  Yay for kegals.

I slept with it one night.  It was nice to not have to worry about leaking at night.  I wore it out for normal activities and didn’t really think about it.  You only have to change it every 12 hours, so that is liberating.

I am glad I kept trying.  I am also glad I finally found the motivation to do kegals.  🙂  I loved that I could “see” a difference from doing them.

So overall, I would say that if you are tired of tampons and pads, it is well worth trying a Diva Cup, or any of the other options out there for menstrual cups.  Just be prepared it may take a few tries to  make it work for you.  But don’t give up!  🙂

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10 thoughts on “Diva Cup Review – No more tampons or pads?”

  1. Love the honest review. I have been looking at getting one, but since I am TTC, I didn’t want to spend the money and not really get to use it, but maybe I will get it anyway, since I am not preggo yet. I don’t know anyone that uses one, so thanks for sharing.

  2. I got mine several months ago too and I LOVE it! My favorite part is that it doesn’t have to be changed/cleaned after going to the restroom, like a tampon does. It felt like such a waste sometimes and I do love not having so much trash and sometimes I forget that I’m on my period! Also no before period running to the store to pick up some supplies. There are many reasons I love mine!
    I’m glad you’re “enjoying” it!

  3. This is good to read. I have been frustrated with mine. It hurts, and just falls down too low so it hurts even more. I don’t know if it could work for me while I work out. I guess I need to give it another try. Maybe I should start now. Currently on my period.

  4. I got mine after my 2nd child. I really love it, and have used it for 2-3 years now. It’s really liberating not relying on pads or tampons. I found after my 2nd that my cervix was more sensitive during periods. I had pain with the tampons, but not so with the cup. Not sure why, but I’m grateful for it.

  5. I don’t love the Diva cup, but I do love cups. The Diva for me feels too big. Every time I wear it, it makes me sore for the first few days. I much prefer the Moon cup, which has a bit smaller diameter and thus doesn’t hurt, but needs to be changed more often so I don’t leak. Even still, it is much preferrable to have a sometimes leaky cup (because of heavy flow at the beginning of my period) than to have the huge tampons and still leak. Thinking about trying a Lunette (can’t decide between Selene and Diana.)

  6. I LOVE my cup as well. I wanted to try it out for a couple of years now, but never was motivated enough to get one. I finally did it and am so happy that I did.

  7. Haven’t used the Diva, but have tried some others. They are ok.. but can definitely leak, and this kind of “leak” can be a major problem. If you have trouble going through multiple super or super plus products on one or more days, a cup may not be the answer. Especially if you’re a smaller person to begin with, so a larger volume cup won’t stay put!

  8. Oh I am glad I read this! I have been trying to figure out why mine has been so uncomfortable during the 2 periods I have had since baby no. 3 was born (it was great before I fell pregnant). It also has been flipping around in there. Need to get working on those kegels!!

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