Do you feel disconnected to your birth using hypnosis?

This is a common concern of moms interested in using hypnosis for childbirth.  They wonder if they will just be zoned out on a bed and not aware of what is going on. 

The easy answer is NO, but read on for more details.  One of the great things about the Hypnobabies program is that it is an eyes open hypnosis.  So you are able to open your eyes, talk, walk around all while deep in hypnosis still relaxed and comfortable during your birth. 

I was WAY more connected to the whole birth experience using Hypnobabies then I was with Carson’s birth, once I had an epidural.  With that birth, I felt as if I almost didn’t even need to be there, because I wasn’t even aware of what was going on with my body.    Also since I didn’t need my DH to help me he was chatting with the nurses and that bugged me.     I felt sort of ignored.

With Bryson’s birth, using Hypnobabies I was aware of everything that I wanted to be aware of during my birth.  For instance I didn’t notice the lady yelling in the room next door.  I also ignored the chaos when it was time to push and the nurse couldn’t figure out how the new bed worked.  I stayed calm and peaceful in my own special place in my mind.  But a few minutes later I was instructing the OB that I wanted the cord to keep pulsing and Rob to cut the cord, just minutes before Bryson was born.   

I was not disconnected from others during my birth.  I was talking and laughing between my pressure waves.  (You can see that in Bryson’s Birth Video)

During transformation (transition) I needed to focus through my pressure waves and as transformation progressed I remained focused even in between pressure waves, but this was only the last 2 hours of Bryson’s birth.  Most moms having an un-medicated birth naturally seem to turn inward during this portion of birth. 

I was not disconnected from the physical aspect of my birth either.  I was aware of everything that was happening in my body, I just interpreted it as pressure instead of pain.  So I knew when I wanted to get up and change positions.   I was aware of Bryson moving down and out when I was pushing.  I had all the endorphins and wonderful physical benefits of any mom having natural birth.    

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2 thoughts on “Do you feel disconnected to your birth using hypnosis?”

  1. It’s amazing that I should come into contact with your blog and website now! I’m eleven weeks pregnant and have been thinking a lot about hypnobirthing. You have so much info on it! Thanks so much. Your video and writtings have given me a lot to work with.

  2. Oy yes, and I meant to tell you, it’s great to hear “contractions” called pressure waves. There’s so much more going on than “contracting” during that time and it serves the situation well to refer to it in a more appropriate term. I usually say “rushes” because that’s what my mom calls them (she had my sister and I at home) but I like pressure waves, it’s really accurate.

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