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Creating a Positive Cesarean

If you are a Hypnobabies Mom and find yourself in a situation where it looks like you will need a cesarean, this page is for you.

Creating a Birth Plan for your Scheduled Cesarean

Wonderful article discussing how you can have a family centered cesarean… covering all different aspects to think of when approaching a planned cesarean.

Another article about Gentle Cesarean Birth

Ways to use your tools during a cesarean…

this is from an e-mail Susan a fellow Hypnobabies Instructor sent to the Yahoo group…

I will say that some of the greatest “success stories” that I have gotten from my students have been the benefit they got from the techniques when facing an unexpected c-section.

The first scripts that come to mind as being helpful are Special Place and Deepening. But I think that simply using your finger-drop technique and having your birth partner give you specific suggestions would be even more helpful.

For instance, one couple told me that the mom used her finger-drop technique to keep herself calm (She had a strong phobia about hospitals and doctors, which is why she planned a homebirth. Needless to say, she had the potential to be extremely distressed when facing a c-section, necessary though it was.) She then gave herself suggestions to keep her blood pressure under control that worked so well the anesthesiologist actually asked her to bring it up a bit! (Which she did easily.) Her husband and the doctor gave her suggestions throughout the procedure about shutting down blood flow to the areas near the incision, seeing all the little blood vessels traveling through the incision sight shutting down firmly, to avoid blood loss, while continuing to allow oxygen and nutrients to flow freely to the placenta so the baby was fine. Then, they gave her suggestions as they closed the incision (and for the first few weeks afterwards) that the uterine muscle and her skin healed quickly and easily, and became even stronger than before the surgery. The also gave her suggestions about healing quickly and easily without discomfort, etc.

It really made a difference, and none of the staff could believe that she had a c-section with so little blood loss and healed so quickly. At her 6 wk checkup, her OB kept looking at the chart in disbelief because her incision looked like it was several months old, instead of a few weeks.

Feel confident that your hypnosis skills can be very, very instrumental in creating as good a birth experience as possible for yourself and your baby! And don’t forget to use the change of plans script from the Birth Partner’s Guide.

Positive Cesarean Stories

Here is a link to a few different cesarean stories.

New ones will be added to theHypnobabies Blog

Recovering from a Cesarean

Hypnobabies Tools

I think using your finger drop to help you stay comfortable while recovering. You can also giving your body suggestions to heal quickly will help.


ICAN– International Cesarean Awareness Network is a great support group for moms who have had a cesarean.

Here is a link to their recovery page.

 I really enjoy Earth Mama Angel Baby’s Products I have used many different ones. They have a specific cesarean recovery kit that looks great!


Believe it or not, they actually make special cesarean panties!

The supposedly help your scar heal.

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