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28. How to get an Amazing Book about Birth, written by a doula, for Free

Do you know about this free book I love to share with expecting moms?

I am a birth doula with over 14 years experience.

There are certain things I wish ALL pregnant women knew.

So I consolidated these tips down into a simple to read book.

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How will this free book help your birth?

  • Three steps to help you trust your body and your baby!
  • Three powerful choices you can make to improve your birth.
  • Discover what the strongest muscle in your body is and how can you harness its power to help you birth more easily?
  • Learn the most amazing Mental Tool available to prepare for your birth.
  • How can “professional love” help you during your birth?
  • Learn the most powerful tool you have as a parent and how to start using it NOW!
  • Over 9 tips are shared, I couldn’t stop with just 3!  

What people are saying about this free birth book!

  • Be excited instead of nervous about your birth.
  • Mom-friendly, unbiased information
  • Practical, easy to apply suggestions
  • Improve the outcome and perception of your birth
  • Avoid information overload – Precise and to the point
  • Incredibly helpful
  • Wonderful Advice to ALL expecting mothers
  • Great Advice and information
  • Easy to read
  • Read in half an hour
  • I read it again and again
  • Useful in any birthing situation – from cesarean to natural

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