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Pandemic-Safe and Supportive Ideas for Helping a Pregnant Friend

When someone you love is expecting during a global pandemic, it can be hard to know how to best support them — especially when you can’t just drop in for a visit or catch up over brunch. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to show moms-to-be you care without putting anyone’s health at risk. These sweet ideas and safe suggestions can get you started.

Pick Up Some Thoughtful Gifts Online

Just because traditional showers aren’t happening as often doesn’t mean you can’t shower the special mom-to-be in your life with gifts. These tips will help you show your love, even from afar:

  • Mom’s going to need comfy options to wear at the hospital, like a nursing nightgown.
  • Some cozy slippers to help keep her feet nice and toasty on those cold floors are nice, too.
  • Sending her positive and uplifting information, like this free guide on how to enjoy birth, can help build her confidence.
  • If you’re local, think about picking up gift cards to help her plan a pre-baby date night.
  • Even if you’re far away, you could also help plan a virtual shower for your loved one.

Offer Some Needed Emotional Support

Being pregnant is stressful enough without a pandemic happening at the same time. Your friend may need extra support during these uncertain times, so use these resources to provide it:

  • Create a free Zoom account and schedule regular catch-up sessions with each other.
  • During these sessions, try to focus on providing support rather than giving advice.
  • If you feel comfortable, you could also go for a socially-distanced outdoor walk together.
  • There are also several free online resources to support your loved one’s mental health.

Learn How to Help After Baby’s Arrival

Supporting your friend after the delivery is also important. In fact, this tends to be when new moms need the most help and compassion. Here are some ways you can help:

  • Social meal trains are a wonderful way to support new moms during the pandemic.
  • You could also send a tasty treat to help them celebrate their new little one’s arrival.
  • Gift cards to top-rated food delivery services will also be appreciated by new parents.
  • If you want to visit the new baby, follow proper guidelines to keep everyone safe.
  • Sending self-care gifts will also provide comfort and show new moms you care.

Whether you live down the street or many miles away, there are still safe and thoughtful ways for you to support the expectant and new parents in your life. You can send a gift to express your love, or you can connect online so that they can talk about their stressors and worries. Either way, your loved ones will appreciate you showing up for them!

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