Induction – Ideas of things to do/ask

As usual this is not meant as medical advice. This is just information with a lot of links so you can do more research!

Ask LOTS of questions, and then make the best decision for yourself!

Watch my Induction Video

I have created an informational childbirth class with a whole section on inductions!

Induction Information

These will give you great ideas of questions to ask before an induction!

Inductions Part 1 Here you will find: 5 Risks of induction, 5 Ways to Avoid an induction, 5 Thing to ask/do if you get induced, 5 things they may USE during an induction

Inductions part 2 Here you will find: 5 Good reasons for an Induction, 5 Questionable Reasons for Induction, 5 NO risk alternatives to inductions and 5 more good links about inductions

Natural Induction Ideas

Here are some tips for natural induction!

Tips to Used During an Induction if you are using Hypnobabies

If you do choose get induced, I would start listening to CDs as soon as you get checked into the hospital. A lot of times you spend time waiting around for things to get started, so go ahead and relax and listen to cds. This will help you get into a hypnotic state before your birthing time starts as well as feel calm and confident about your upcoming birth. Sometimes with inductions pressure waves start harder and faster than if they started on their own. If you can get into a hypnotic state before your pressure waves start, that can help you handle the intensity of the waves.

Listen to hypnosis tracks ASAP

I would start with listening to the fear release cd and then deepening or any of your other favorite CDs… but you may want to save your birth guide until you are in your active birthing time, when your pressure waves are coming on a regular basis. (Unless things aren’t seeming to start with the different things being tried, then go ahead and listen to it, sometimes it can help with getting pressure waves going or getting them into a good pattern.)

You can of course use your finger drop, peace cue, relax cue and all your other tools once your pressure waves start.

I think a good way to have a positive induction is understanding and discussing what your choices are during an induction are and having a basic plan ahead of time, then you will be able to know what to expect and the choices you will be making during your birth. Also remembering to use your tools maybe even before your pressure waves start (by listening to cds) so that when they do start you are relaxed and ready to embrace the pressure waves! Welcome each one, they are bringing your baby into your arms!

ALSO, be very aware of how often they are turning up the pitocin. You have the power to insist it be turned up SLOWLY! Here is an interesting post about “pit to distress” If a mom chooses to get pitocin, she should view it as a tool she is using to help her birth her baby.

Positive Induction HypnoBirthing Stories

Here are some positive birth stories to help Mom’s who are choosing to be induced. If you have chosen to get induced, you hopefully have a good medical reason. So move forward with a positive attitude! 

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