Freedom of Choice

It is amazing to me that women are not free to choose how they birth. 

Many women are told they MUST have a cesarean, because their care providers or hospitals refuse to allow them to have a vaginal birth.  Seems absurd that women are not allowed the choice.

Here is an article about how women in Iowa must travel great distances to have a vaginal birth if they are VBAC moms.   

Another group of women who are often forced into a cesarean are breech moms and twin moms.  Most moms take what their care providers say as absolute truth and do not research to find out if their are other options.  If they do research and realize they would prefer to have a vaginal birth, it is often difficult if not impossible to find a careprovider who will support them.

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1 thought on “Freedom of Choice”

  1. This is my biggest birth issue that I wish my mainstream friends would understand. We have more options for abortions in the country than we do to have the birth that we want. I take living in Oregon for granted, because we are allowed so many freedoms here that women in other states are not.

    Sheridan, I’m always so pleased to see you stop by my blog, as I am such a fan of yours.


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