Guess Month vs Due Date

There is a 5 week range for a full-term baby.  37-42 weeks.

A due date – is a guess date.

And in reality it is a guess month.

Remember your EDD is not an Expiration Date.

Here are my biggest tips regarding due dates.

1. Don’t tell anyone when your baby is due.

Say, sometime in May. However most people will not accept this answer.

So add 2 weeks to your due date and tell them that date. Yes, lie!

I seriously will be doing this if I ever have another baby.

Because, people start asking at 38 weeks, “When is that baby coming?”

Then if you happen to go past your magical “Due date” people are asking “Why isn’t the baby here yet?”   It is extrememly aggravating to a 40+ week mom.

2.  Be flexible in your mind.

Pick a date at least 3 weeks after your baby is due and tell yourself the baby will be here by then.

For example.  Thing 3’s “due date” was October 8th.  I kept telling myself, the baby will be here by Halloween.  I KNEW for a FACT the baby would be out by then.  I even imagined myself sitting on the front porch with the baby handing out candy.

This kept me sane as my friends who were “due” the same time as me had their babies and I was still pregnant.  It was very comforting to know by Halloween he would be here!  He was indeed.  He was born on October 18th!

Here is my little pumpkin, with his brothers, the policeman and Captain America!


Here is another great post looking at this topic:  Pregnancy, the anticipation game.


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  1. It was really fun one my due date to freak people out though. They’d ask, “When are you due?” I’d say, “Today.” And it was really funny to see how big their eyes would get.

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