1 thought on “HBWA2C Video”

  1. Amazing video–I’m a midwife and have seen thousands of births, but it still brought tears to my eyes. I am sad for all the women who long to VBAC but don’t have the support to do so. Hospitals are not facing the facts that women are walking out and birthing at home because they cannot get care like this at the hospital. Any woman in America should be able to give birth in this way in any setting–hospital, birth center, or home.

    Another observation–notice how the babies born by c-section are handled so roughly. Their little heads and necks are pulled on so hard as they are being born, and then they are stimulated so vigorously and roughly once placed on the warmer. It is so unnecessary. I have delivered many waterbirth babies that never cried, but just peacefully “pinked up”. It is not necessary to be so rough with a baby. Don’t they deserve a gentle welcome into the world?

    The homebirth baby was suctioned with bulb syringe repeatedly. This is unnecessary unless a baby is not breathing well on its own. Latest research shows that suction, even with bulb syringe, can cause a vagal response in the baby [the baby kind of gasps and holds its breath] thus having a detrimental effect on the baby’s adaptation to being born.

    I never automatically suction a baby at a normal birth, and they do just fine.

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