How my love of book club overrides my parenting logic.

I belong to 3 book clubs.  It may seem a bit excessive to some.  But I need that mental stimulation and adult interaction.

2 of my book clubs had Christmas Parties in December.  We don’t read a book, we just celebrate and do a book exchange, white elephant style.

I love it!

So the Wednesday night when both Thing 3 and Thing 1 were sick and DH and Thing 2 were off testing for their 2nd strip for their brown belts, I had a dilemma.

Leave my 2 sick boys alone and go to book club OR wait until DH got home.

If I waited I would miss dinner.  Which is always delicious.

You all know how I love good food.  (Well really any food, but REALLY love good food.)

So after checking with my neighbor to be sure she was willing to come over if an emergency arose, I went to book club.

Thing 3 was sound asleep, Thing 1 was watching TV.  I have let him babysit many times, in fact this had been my plan all along.  It was the fact Thing 3 was sick that made me hesitate.

It worked out fine.  Thing 3 slept the whole time and I got to eat a lovely dinner and enjoy my P.P. Book Club Christmas Party.  (Just so you all know I put clean un-contaminated clothes on, washed my hands obsessively before I went, so as not to share the germs.)

I also prayed before I went and felt fine about going.  So I did really cover my bases, but still felt a bit bad for leaving them.

***This does remind me of the time that Thing 2 fell in the bathtub and needed stitches.  I had book club, so I found a babysitter for Thing 1 and had DH take Thing 2 to get the stitches while I went to book club.    It wasn’t the first time he had stitches, so I knew DH could handle it.

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2 thoughts on “How my love of book club overrides my parenting logic.”

  1. Hahahahaha! This is hilarious Sheridan! Of all the slobbery lovely, tearfully touching birth stories and blogs you have written and I have loved, this is my all time favorite! I love that you “also prayed before” you went. Some moms would be martyr like and let guilt or fear prevail. They should read THE CONTINUUM CONCEPT by Jean Liedloff, where the tribe incorporates the children in a healthy fearless way. You are a true Woman Mama Warrior.

    I look forward to more of you in brilliant posts in 2010. Happy New Year! -Rosie

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