Here are 5 Ways my passion for birth can help You!

I have been passionate about pregnancy and birth since I was a little girl.

I was able to take that passion and focus it to become

  • a Childbirth Educator
  • and a Birth Doula
  • an author
  • a podcaster

While I no longer actively teach or doula anymore

I still love sharing wisdom and support with you,

so you can have a better birth.

I do this through


I have 3 Birth Books


I have 3 Podcasts – 2 about Pregnancy/Birth and 1 about Enjoying Mothering


  • Get an awesome coupon for Hypnobabies
  • Great tips
  • Weekly awesome birth stories

Positive Birth Stories and Videos

On my blog, the podcast and also my You Tube Channel!

Online Classes

I have 3 pregnancy/birth online classes.

You can see them all by clicking here!

(Hint, you can access them for free, if you sign up for my newsletter)

Taking a Break from the Podcast

Having said that, I am gonig to take a break from the Enjoying Pregnancy, Birth and Baby Podcast for awhile. (I have 2 other podcasts I also have and am shifting my focus to them for awhile)

I have over 52 episodes you can still listen to.

On your podcast app, you can look at all unheard podcasts

Download the ones that sound interesting and

feel free to binge listen!


Please share these resources with your friends. 🙂

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