Hypnobabies Birth Story of Noah


Noah’s Birth

I haven’t posted much before but have enjoyed reading the posts. The following story is that of the birth of my 3rd child but 1st Hypnobaby. My first was born vaginally after induction at 42 weeks. I was not aware at the time of the risk of multiple medical interventions and ended up with a terrible spinal headache after a bad epidural. My second was a natural childbirth using the Bradley method. This was a beautiful natural birth but I felt a little left in the dark in regard to relaxation. This time I used Hypnobabies….

Our baby boy was born Sat Oct 20 at 1:42 pm. He weighed 8lb15oz and is 21 in long. He is perfect and I can’t stop staring at him. His name is Noah.

I started having pressure waves Thurs night but nicely spaced (20 min apart) and this lasted all night Thurs (not much sleep) and all day Fri. I basically went about my day with my other dds. Fri night, just when I was about to try to rest again, they picked up to 10 min apart then 7 etc.. I labored all night by myself, listening to my Hypnobabies scripts and sitting on my ball. It was very peaceful and exactly how I imagined this stage. At 8:00 am I called my mw to tell her I had been begun my birthing time. I was not sure I wanted to leave for the hospital yet and she said that I shouldn’t then.

I went back to my cds and my ball. It was harder to stay focused though because at that point my kids were up and distracting me. I stayed home until 10:30 am when I started to feel a little shaky and started crying. By the time we got in the car comfortable, drove to the hospital and walked from the distant corners of the parking lot we arrived just after 11:30. I was 7 centimeters!! My mw brought me a ball and some socks… had forgotten to pack socks.

I had stayed very focused this entire time with my Hypnobabies cd using my light switch in center. I was never able to tolerate the off position during pg as I always felt too fidgety and was always more relaxed in center. This worked great for me. I lost track of time completely at this point. My df was also present with my dh and mw.

Everybody was taking turns rubbing my back and fending off the nurses. I was oblivious to anything going on around me. I suddenly just felt the urge to move and change positions but could not find one comfortable as the waves were coming very quickly. I decided to lay down as I was tired.

I then had 2 transformation pressure waves and then had the urge to push. I pushed out my baby boy in 3 pushes about 2 hours after arriving at the hospital at 1:42 pm. He was placed at my breast immediately, his cord pulsed and then cut and he latched on right away and nursed for about 45 minutes. He wasn’t bathed, poked, prodded or separated from me. He is a great nurser.

This is exactly the birth that I wanted for him. I am so happy. I have a slight tear…only 1 stitch. (with my other 2 babies I had large episiotomies) I feel amazing!!! Yeah Hypnobabies…. Hope you are all holding your sweet babies soon



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