Jessica Alba's Zen Birth

I read on Crunchy Domestic Goddess about Jessica Alba’s wonderful birth.  She used hypnosis for childbirth, which is such a wonderful tool for moms!  I wish more moms would look into it. 

If every pregnant mom took time each day to relax and fill their minds with positive thoughts of birth, it could only help the birthing environment.  They would be confident in their body and baby.  Then using hypnosis during their births, they could stay more comfortable and wouldn’t need medication or other interventions.  The cesarean rate would drop and women would be empowered. 

I agree it would take more than this.  Care providers would have to be on board and flexible.  But in my area, there are care providers who recommend Hypnobabies to their clients who express a desire for Natural Childbirth, because they have seen it work and they know their clients will have a more positive birth experience. 

I am glad that Jessica had a great birth and more women will now be aware of the idea of hypnosis for childbirth!

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2 thoughts on “Jessica Alba's Zen Birth”

  1. I’m pregnant with my first child and want natural childbirth. How do you find out more about this? I’m very interested.

  2. There are a lot of great hypnobirthing websites and resources on the web. I actually run a site that helps women choose the method of hypnobirthing that will suit them the best. Hypnobabies is a great option that you might want to check out.

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