I love Goals.

I have always enjoyed setting goals.

In college I had a friend who said, “It is the weirdest thing.  You write something down, hang it on the wall and then it happens!”

That is the beauty of goals.

My birth goals for 2009 were:

  • Do a give away on Hypnobabies Blog (I did a few)
  • 200th post by June 1st (did this)
  • Teach at least 20 couples (I taught 23!)
  • Attend 3 births.  (I attended 8.   3 seemed like plenty at the beginning of the year.   Juggling a family with 3 boys and doulaing can be quite a trick, so I didn’t want to do a lot of births.  But it worked out that I went to 8 and for the most part it didn’t disrupt the family too much.)

I am working on my birth goals for 2010.   How awesome is it that I love that I have a job where I can have “birth” goals?

I am doing this free program Designing the Best 10 Years of Your Life.  I imagine it will help me in creating my birth goals for this year and the next 10 years too!  Check it out, it has been pretty powerful for me so far.  Right now it is the beginning and we are reflecting on what we HAVE done.

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2 thoughts on “I love Goals.”

  1. Cool! I should do this. I set “solstice goals” for myself every year and usually meet them, but I don’t do specific “birth goals.” One of my solstice goals each year usually has to do with birth though (of course!)

    Re: the hang it on the wall and it happens thing–I keep an ongoing list of things I’d like to do someday. It has over 200 things on it and it is amazing and cool to me to discover how many I’ve actually done when I check back in with the list (which I’ve been keeping for like 5 years, so some of them are really old and I’ve forgotten they were on there and yet, they still “manifested”).

    I will check out the link too.

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