I WANTED to Enjoy Birth, but I didn’t! How can I move past it?

Birth is one of those things that is very fluid.  Even if we prepare as much as possible, things sometimes come up which can make birth not so enjoyable.  This can sometimes make it hard to let go and move past the birth experience.

Is there an easy way to move past a birth experience and shift to a more positive outlook on what happened? 

This was a question I often asked myself.  I had as I spent years trying to move past my first birth, which was traumatic for me and my son.  He was a very angry little boy and I just kept feeling that it stemmed from his birth.  I also was in a lot of fear of losing him from the birth and so I mothered him in a very controlling way.  Which created this interesting cycle and it wasn’t very healthy.

I went to traditional therapy, but the therapist didn’t really understand what the problem was and after 2 or 3 sessions I realized it wasn’t going to help.   I got therapy for him and it didn’t seem to help either.

I kept praying and searching.  There had to be a way to shift, there had to be a way to move past that experience.

Finally, when T1 was 8 years old the answer came. 

It was at a class where someone was teaching about Energy Work, which I had never heard of before, what she taught was intriguing and when she asked for a volunteer, my hand shot up so fast!  I was SO excited when she picked me.  She did some releasing of emotions and other things.  (I can’t remember exactly what.)

I did feel a little lighter when she was done, but I wasn’t sure if it would really make a difference.  But, when I went home, T1 was different and so was I.  That got me very intrigued.  I started learning more and more about energy work.  I read books and took classes.  I started doing it on me and my son and eventually friends and now clients.

I feel like Energy Work was the key to help me have a much healthier relationship with T1 and with myself!!  I can now look back on his birth with neutral emotions, even gratitude for parts.  He is a well adjusted, happy 19 year old, which is great to see.

I love working with moms and their kids who want to move past a birth experience. 

It fits so well with my experiences supporting moms through pregnancy and birth.  It is such a joy to be able help them in shifting to neutrality and often even up to positive emotions.

If you are interested in learning how to clear a negative birth experience, I have a free online class where I share 9 tools to help clear emotions from you and your baby.  I also do a sample emotional clearing with someone, so you can see what an energy work session would be like.

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