Wonderful Tool for After Birth – Travel Bidet – Unique Baby Shower Gift Idea!

After you give birth you will get this little squirt Peri-bottle.  If you are at a hospital you get it “free”, if you have a homebirth you probably have one in your birth kit.

Great for cleaning your perineum after using the bathroom.

Well, I found something even better, that I have been using all the time, not just after having a baby.  (My baby is almost 12!) It is a Travel Bidet.  
What makes is so great?  It has the long nozzle so you can easily reach all your parts.  It has a little air lock on the bottom you can cover with your finger so water doesn’t come out when you don’t want it to.

All I have to say is I have it sitting next to my toilet all the time, ready to be used as needed.

Along with my Squatty Potty,

I would say it is a much needed supply for toileting.  After baby and throughout life!


It may be my newest baby shower gift I give.  Along with a copy of The Gift of Giving Life!  😉


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