My EFT experiences with births

Here are my 3 different experiences using EFT at births.

1. I went to my first birth as a doula at St. Joseph’s hospital.  This is the hospital where I had my first baby, an emergency cesarean at 34 weeks and he spent 12 days in the NICU.   I hadn’t been back to the hospital since we brought him home, which was about 10 years before this specific birth.

I pulled into the hospital and suddenly all these emotions from my first birth came FLOODING back.  I found myself sobbing and really emotionally overcome.  I was supposed to be going to support a mom and I was freaking out!  I didn’t want to bring my birth emotions into HER birth.  So I started tapping and doing my EFT.  Within a minute or two, I had calmed down and was able to go in and support this mom.  Afterwards, when I went back to my car, I cried a bit more, but was SO much calmer about it.  And it was ok then, because my job was over.

2.  I was at a VBAC birth and the mom was doing great.  Suddenly she was very scared about pushing (she was entering transformation)  none of the normal things I do were helping, so I asked if she wanted to try some tapping.  “It looks funny, but it can really help”  I explained.  She was happy to try.  So we tapped for about 5 minutes and her fear melted away.  She went on to push her baby out very easily about an hour later.

3.  I was at a homebirth and the mom was tired and getting fearful of if she could “do this”  I suggested EFT and she was open to tapping.   She LOVED it.  She actually wanted me to tap her and I would tap her between pressure waves and she would fall asleep.  Then she would wake up for a pressure wave, then I would tap her back to sleep.  It was amazing!  She loved it.  Even at the post partum visit she was talking about how much she loved it.

Now I want to introduce it to my doula clients before birth.  Clear some issues before birth even starts!  I will have to feel out who is open to it.   Some maybe would only be open to it during birth if they felt stuck and needed another tool.  But I think many would be open to it before.  🙂

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