My Overall Hypno-Doula Statistics

This is the third of 4 posts.  Each birth is unique and I don’t think of my doulas as numbers by any means.  But I am also fascinated by numbers, so I enjoy doing my stats each year.  I am going to post my overall Doula and then Hypnobabies Students Stats.  Then I will also post my stats for doula clients and Hypnobabies Students for 2009.

This post is for all my Doula Clients – some did the Hypnobabies Home Study instead of taking my live course.  But they ALL did Hypnobabies.

I have had 23 wonderful doula clients give birth so far.  (I have 2 who are expecting.)

Cesarean Rate: 26%  (If I take out my 3 moms this year that had breech babies -what are the chances of THAT-  then it is 15%)

The rest of the statistics don’t include the cesarean moms.

So of the moms who had vaginal births looking at epidural/un-medicated:

88%  un-medicated

12%  epidurals

So of the moms who had vaginal births with NO Pitocin looking at epidural/un-medicated:

100%  un-medicated

0%  epidural

Stats of vaginal birth moms regarding comfort:

35%  completely comfortable

41%  some manageable discomfort

24% had discomfort during active birthing time

Moms with no pitocin comfort level:

47% completely comfortable

38%  some manageable discomfort

15%  had discomfort during active birthing time

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