New Cesarean Rates are not surprising, but are disappointing.

Cesarean rates are at an all time high and no one in the medical community or women’s groups seem to care. 

But there are women who DO care!  I am one of them.  In the next weeks I will be posting some articles I have been working on regarding worries and fears and how these can effect their births.  The thing is MANY women are being scared into unnecessary cesareans.    This then leads to an increase in risks to mothers and their babies. 

I think that education of parents is key to helping to decrease the cesarean rates.  The medical community doesn’t seem to want to rectify the situation, so parents need to make wiser choices in their care providers and in their birthing education to get the healthiest births possible. 

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2 thoughts on “New Cesarean Rates are not surprising, but are disappointing.”

  1. Hi Kerry–I’m really concerned about this issue. Is there an easy way to find out a doctor’s c-section rate? (or rates for all kinds of interventions?) I guess I could just ask, right? Thanks for your blog. –Nina

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