PUPPS – Pregnancy Rash

This is something that no one talks about, it is as if it doesn’t exist, until you get it.  Then it is HUGE to you, but still isn’t imporant to anyone else. 

BIG hugs to you if you get this.  Here is my experience with PUPPS, along with great links and what I felt helped.  The Yahoo Group is great for support too. 

A mom recently shared she used Accupuncture to help with her PUPPS. 

My accupuncturist had never heard of PUPPP before, but
she saw that the worst areas were on my liver
“pathways” and she treated them this way:

First she used a seven star hammer- a tiny hammer with
little points on the end, and she tapped it all over
me- it’s a little uncomfortable, but not bad and she
doesn’t do it for long.

Then she performed “cupping”  where she uses glass
cups with disposable plastic inserts that are
suctioned on to the worst spots and leaves them on for
only a few minutes.  It’s feels like really strong
suction and you look like you’ve been attacked by an
octopus’ suckers for a few days- but it cleared up
after two treatments! 

I have to keep seeing her every week or so to maintain this until the baby is born-but I am itch free and sleeping again.

One, more thing I wanted to add to my posting, is that
my accupuncturist treats pregnant women all the time –
it’s important to make sure the practitioner has lots
of experience, so you know they are cautious and the
treatments are effective.

Having said that- the other great thing about this
treatment is that there are no medicines or steroids
involved and it is completely natural, so you can feel
good about being treated this way.

I would definitely try this if I ever got PUPPS again.   I ended up using medication, as I needed it to stay SANE.  I typically avoid any medication while pregnant, so I am glad to know that accupuncture is a way to go. 

Hugs to you if you have PUPPS. 

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11 thoughts on “PUPPS – Pregnancy Rash”

  1. I tried acupuncture to treat the PUPPPs breakout, but it wasn’t successful for me. It did stop the itching for about 5 hours, but the rash did not go away.

    The acupuncturist that I went to treats pregnant women all the time. I have tried white vinegar, tar soap, and a Yogi Team with dandelion root. These things have helped lessen the red, the bumps, and some of the itch.

  2. I suffered PUPPS when I was pregnant. Nothing stopped the itchiness and desperation this condition gave me.
    I tried everything.
    Finally I turn to my Latin roots ( I am native from Costa Rica, but I live in USA) where homeopathy is a very acceptable and popular way of healing.
    And I used Apis mellifica, that is a homeopathic remedy made from the sting of the honeybee.
    The exact dose to use I am not sure, what I know is that the Homeopathic Dr. sent me the smallest dose twice a day for 2 months.
    After one week of taking the Apis Mellifica the PUPPS dissapear after atacking me for three long months where I used every possible remedy (corticoids, Benadryl, creams, sleeping with ice bags in all my body, etc). The Homeopathic Dr told me not to suspend the treatment before time.
    Of course I asked my OBGY if I the treatment will not affect my pregnancy before take it, and he said that if I was sure that I was not allergic to any bee product that he could not imagine why not to try.
    I tried and was a miracle, I was able to feel well again and finish my pregnancy happy and save .

  3. Deb- Rash Info Gal

    Some people had success using pine tar soaps for relieving the itchiness. I knew someone else who made a mixture of water with baking soda and applied . She said relief lasted a while. Also she used hypnosis and that seemed to help her. I know people who have used hypnosis for nausea from chemotherapy so it makes sense it can also assist with itching.

    Common Skin Rashes

  4. I have PUPPS!!! It is the worst experience ever!!! If you get this you need to get Grandpa’s Pine Tar Soap!! It works!! It drys out the rash and it stopped it from spreading!! If i didnt get this i wouldn’t know what to do!!! Best thing ever!!

  5. I discovered Calandula Cream yesterday and it saved me! it calmed my rash down immediately – the redness and the ITCHING went away!!! i was about to use the steroid cream the doc prescribed against my better judgement but i was so desperate and then someone told me about this Homeopathic cream that she uses for skin issues and diaper rash!

  6. I first got the Puppps rash at 20 weeks, it was Horrible! I tried the steroid cream that my OGBYN prescribed but it didn’t work. After about 3 weeks and lots of research later, I decided to try Grandpa’s Pine Tar soap. I worked great, I showered 3 or 4 times a day, and within a few days the rash and the itch were both gone! Unfortunately, I am now at 33 weeks and the rash has returned full force. I am back to using the Soap again. I hope it works again. This is the worst thing ever!!!

  7. oh my this brings back really horrible memories. I had 2 boys, no problems, then got pregnant with my daughter and started getting itchy at 30 some odd weeks i think it was. it spread every day to another part, just awful, I would cry thinking i was allergic to my daughter and how painful it was. My doctor office all had to come in and see me saying it was the worst case they had seen. They offered cortisone creams which I declined since I’m hippie-ish. I spent hours in cool showers and the only way I could fall asleep was if my husband got bags of ice and lay them up and down my arms and legs. That would numb it enough that i could fall asleep but then I’d wake up as the ice melted into pools of water all around. It disappeared with the same mystery that caused it to arrive, lucky for me before I gave birth, I cannot even imagine going through labor and delivery with that pain all over my skin. Gosh I’m glad that i didn’t have that with any other pregnancies. I feel for anyone who has it –

  8. I had PUPPS with my first baby. It was horrible, and was in fact the reason why I was induced. I have a picture of the rash, but the picture doesn’t even come close to how awful the rash was! It was worse than chicken pox!!!

    I will have to write about this on my blog sometime. Nothing I tried worked, nothing until my baby was out, and then the rash went away within a day or so.

  9. Where can I get my hands on “Grandpas Pine Tar Soap” and, or, “Calandula Cream?” I’m 35 weeks and my Pupps rash is steadily worsening! I am currently taking Oral Steroids prescribed by my doctor in order to prevent rapid spreading. I’m not one to take med’s even prior to pregnancy but, according the doc it’s necessary to prevent spreading and help with the symptoms. I’ve also heard that the steroids help develop their lungs in case I would have to induce early. The entire situation scares me!

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