Take in Positive Birth Messages – Enjoy Birth {day 3}

Step #1 to trusting your body and baby is – take in positive messages about birth

The images we compile in our heads have a profound impact on how we prepare for and look forward to (or dread) our birth experiences.

  • The more positive the images are, the less stressed we’ll be during pregnancy and the more eager we’ll be for the day we go into labor.
  • The more negative the images, the more we’ll worry and fear the big day.

It’s important that you protect your mind from negative birth images during your pregnancy—I will cover a few ways to do this the next few days.

An important step in taking in only positive messages about birth is –

Stop watching baby shows on TV.

They show the most dramatic moments of birth, because excitement sells.  But they are often false representations of not only the specific birth being filmed, but of birth in general.  My birth video would be considered boring and not very entertaining—yet it has inspired many moms and helped them to see birth can be an enjoyable, positive experience.


Did you know most moms today don’t feel they need childbirth classes because they are watching these shows?  They think they can learn all they need to that way.  But these shows are not typically showing positive births!

Focus on what you DO want.  Stop watching birth shows!  (I will share positive alternatives later in the series.)

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2 thoughts on “Take in Positive Birth Messages – Enjoy Birth {day 3}”

  1. Too true! Most every gal who has given birth at least once has a horror story, we don’t need to hear them! Really! Share the things you learned like it’s good to know that you can ask for help or it’s good to know how to communicate with the person you choose to have in the birthing room with you. Those sorts of things are good to hear. I learned with our first one that relaxing thoughts are good thoughts! *big smile* Just because you could before you were six months pregnant doesn’t mean you should now. Those sorts of things. *smile* Be optomistic and trust the Lord knows best. It’s the best pregnancy “advice” I can think of. So, this entry title was wonderful! Take in the posative and when people start with the negative, tell them it was nice that they would like to share but you would rather NOT be freaked out thankyou. *big smile* Sincerely, Mommy of two growing blessings & so much more!

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