Things I had Forgotten About Being On Call

  1. I should never buy pants/skirts without pockets.  I prefer having my phone in my pocket at all times.  I worry I won’t hear it if it is in my purse.
  2. It makes me go to bed earlier… or at least makes me think I should go to bed earlier!   A 2 AM call for a birth is easier to respond to if you were in bed by 10 instead of 1.  🙂
  3. It requires faith – I know that it will all work out.  I pray before accepting any doula client and really get a confirmation that it is a good fit and that the birth will fit into my life.  Then I have to trust that it will.  I know that if I am meant to be at a birth I WILL be there.  But it is a heavy responsibility and could freak a person out if they don’t “trust” that it will.

I have been in a good spot with this.  

DH went out of town this week for a campout.  I had a friend available to come if my client needed me in the middle of the night, but I still had to have faith it would all work out.

Like the time DH had a surprise trip to London and then my friend had her 7th baby while he was gone.  It was crazy, but it all worked out!

You’ll be reassured to know my 14 year old says he can watch the kids if I go to the birth.  Then he turns and tells the 6 year old.

I’ll feed us ice cream for breakfast and we will play video games all day long!

So I may just tell my friend “nevermind” T1 can be in charge.  😉  (No I will not actually do this, though I am sure my boys would be thrilled if they had a day full of ice cream and video games.)

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2 thoughts on “Things I had Forgotten About Being On Call”

  1. I’m with you about pockets! I always carry my phone ON MY PERSON when I’m on call, because I don’t want to miss anything!

    It must be kind of nice to have an older child when you’re on call – if you were really in a bind he’d probably be just fine watching his brothers. I would guess that could provide a little peace of mind. Although ice cream for breakfast sounds pretty funny. 🙂

  2. Yes, he babysits his brothers all the time. But not overnight and being in charge of feeding them. But in a pinch he is helpful. With adults taking over to make sure people are fed. 😉

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