Trust Birth – Personal Growth

Ok, it was AMAZING.

Really Trust Birth 2008 was life changing, I remember driving home and pondering all I had learned and thinking, how will I apply this in my life?  I was then wondering, should I be a midwife?  After a few months of praying, pondering I realized, that isn’t the path I needed to go at that time.  I then downloaded MP3’s and listened more and pondered more and it changed the way I doula and teach.

This conference was no different.  Though since I have had more experiences as a doula and Childbirth Educator, it was more meaningful, useful I guess.  During the drive home I pondered a lot and still have a lot to process.   I still feel certain I am not to be a midwife.  But I am just as certain I have a gift related to birthing and I must continue to grow that gift and love and serve expecting parents!

I think one thing I certainly learned is some tools to better balance my birth work and my mothering.    I spend too much time on the computer and have to much “to do” and often when I am with my boys, I am thinking about birth, blogs and being busy (things I have to get done)

So  I need to work on that for sure!  I am not clear on how that will happen, but I have more tools and information to help me achieve that!

During one talk someone said, “Birth is a part of each one of us or we wouldn’t be here.”  I tried to imagine birth not being a part of my life and I felt horrible inside.  I think if I didn’t have it in my life in some way, a part of me would die.  So the conference definitely reinforced that I need to be in this “business”  though I feel it is more of a calling.

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