When elective cesareans are FORCED

This is what really gets my goat.  Moms being FORCED to have a cesarean even though they don’t want one.  The even crazier thing, it would still be marked as an elective cesarean.

I am glad this newspaper published this article and I hope this mom gets the VBAC she is fighting for!

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3 thoughts on “When elective cesareans are FORCED”

  1. That article ticked me off incredibly. I cannot believe that hospital’s audacity and they’re doing it out of FEAR (for themselves, not their patients). Ooh, I can’t even form the words right now.

    *I am an incredibly hormonal pregnant woman. Don’t mind my rantings!

  2. I love how the say the are not equipped to deal with emergency, but they never address what the plan is if something should go wrong in a vaginal birth and there’s a need for an emergency section.

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