Why Every Woman Needs a Golf Caddy for Birth

Originally Posted on May 27, 2009 by Robin from Birth Activist blog (which no longer is up – so I put it here so others can enjoy her analogy, which I loved.)

So I was driving down the street listening to an interview with Rocco Mediate, a golfer who nearly beat Tiger Woods last year in a huge golf tournament. He was singing the praises of his golf caddy. That’s when it struck me how wonderful a caddy would be in labor! Seriously, let’s look at the benefits of using a golf caddy:
*A caddy is there to help only you.
*He knows a lot about golf, but also understands that you know the game well.
*The caddy offers tips and suggestions that are personalized to you.
*He hands you clubs as you need them, sometimes before you knew what you needed.
*A caddy is always quick with a drink or a cool cloth.
*When the game gets tough the caddy helps you keep it real.
*The caddy will not let you lose sight of what you are doing or why you are there.
*A golf caddy never upstages you on the green.
*Your caddy never takes the shot for you.
*A professional golfer would never play the game without his caddy.

I could go on and on about why everyone needs a golf caddy for labor and birth. But I guess you already know that they are available for everyone who wants one – your doula.

Hopefully this analogy will be helpful in explaining what a doula does!

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