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19. Medals for Moms: Basketball Coach births her baby an hour after coaching her team to victory

I read about a Texas Basketball Coach who led her team to a regional semi-final victory on a Friday night.

She then went to the hospital and had her baby an hour later.

The next day she went back to coach her team to another win moving up to the next level.

Good for her!

I think that is awesome and it makes me so sad to see the negative comments about this story and about this Mom.

What I love about her story.

  • The mom comments she wasn’t able to get an epidural and because of that she recovered more quickly and was able to go on Saturday.
  • YES, when you have an un-medicated normal birth, you can feel normal the NEXT DAY!
  • She is being an example to all her players that birth is a normal event! When they have babies they will remember that.
  • It reminds me of the character O-lan in The Good Earth, who when she had her first baby, she squatted in the field, had the baby, strapped him on her back and kept working.  Normal Birth allows a Mom to get on with her work!

The negative comments tended to be,

  • It wasn’t safe for her to be up a day after having a baby.
  • She was neglectful of her baby.

If you have a normal birth and recovery, you don’t have to be bedridden.

I don’t think she was neglecting her baby.  She was gone for under a few hours.  The baby was in good hands. I know that I took a 2 hour nap the day after my baby was born and DH took fine care of him.  Is taking a nap neglectful?  NO.

Personally, I am all about resting after my babies are born.  It is like a 6 week, “Get of of Jail FREE” card. So I wouldn’t choose to go anywhere (except to my bed to nap) the day after birthing.

But good for this mom for doing what was best for her and her family.  Who are we to judge?

I guess I am judging – in a NICE way.  I think she deserves a medal!

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2 thoughts on “19. Medals for Moms: Basketball Coach births her baby an hour after coaching her team to victory”

  1. I would have never been able to do this after my first one…but my other four I would have. I remember thinking after my last one that i didn’t even feel like I had had a baby. I think it’s funny that people feel the need to judge this lady:)

  2. I can’t bring myself to read the story/comments because I know I’ll be too annoyed with the ignorance, BUT I did want to comment here that I can totally relate to having a baby and feeling great the next day. I had a baby at home on a Monday at 2:00 a.m. On the same Monday at 6:00 p.m. I was back working (my job is mostly computer work). I felt great. Took one nap during the entire post-partum period and that was on Christmas day, five days after I delivered. No drugs and no sleep-depriving hosptal stay and it was 100% wonderful. I can’t imagine it any other way. So sorry that I had my first 4 babies all drugged up while in the hospital and paid for it for months afterward each time. So glad I know a better way (for me) now.

    Great blog – thanks for all you do!

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