Would you get your teeth drilled without drugs?

Then why would you give birth without drugs?

This is a common question asked to moms preparing for Natural Childbirth.

Here is a great explination on you tube!  A shift in perspective. 

(If you prefer to read, rather than watch go here.)


Here are the videos referenced in the above video.

Video 1 – Man gets root canal using only hypnosis.


Video 2 – Woman gets teeth pulled and inplant put in, using only hypnosis.


Video 3 – Childbirth using Hypnosis


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3 thoughts on “Would you get your teeth drilled without drugs?”

  1. Hmmm…the hypnosis for dental work is interesting, but I was hoping the title of the post would lead to the conclusion that dental work is not comparable to childbirth, not that hypnosis is the answer to both types of pain.

    My anecdotal experience is that hypnosis does not work for everyone. Some people just can’t get into the mental state to be open to it (and I say this as someone who has been hypnotized). Therefore, I feel the two should not be compared at all. Full stop.

  2. Well, dental surgery is not comparable to childbirth and I do touch on it when I talk about loosing a tooth as a child, you don’t need medication for that. Birth is a natural event as is loosing a tooth.

    But I like that it shows how powerful medical grade hypnosis can be! If it can work on dental surgery, than it can also work for birth!

    I think that hypnosis can work for those who are open to it. So a mom who may not be hypnotizable at a hypnosis show (because she doesn’t want to be) May be hypnotizable for birth, because she WANTS to. It is all about choice.

    I just want moms to be aware that hypnosis is a CHOICE to help during birth.

  3. I agree that hypnosis is a powerful tool, but that dental work and birth are not exactly apples to apples. 🙂 It is nice that the word is getting out about hypnobirthing though. Any media coverage is good. Even if it is somewhat warped.

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