Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid Review – Radio Problems – Beware!!

We purchased our Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid February 20th, 2018 from Huntington Beach Chrysler.   I needed a mini van to hold all of the kids in the carpool I am in for my youngest son.  I wanted a rear… Read More

Book Review and Give Away: Second Chance: A Mother’s Quest for a Natural Birth after a Cesarean

I was asked to do a review on the book Second Chance a mother’s experiences of 2 births.  Her first was a hospital planned vaginal birth turned to cesarean and the book included her quest to have a… Read More

ZENBand – a sleep headphone for listening to your childbirth hypnosis scripts.

I was excited to try the ZenBand because I had a similar product that had recently accidentally gone through the washing machine with the bed sheets and had bit the dust.  So I was thrilled to be able… Read More

Galileo Camp Update – It is GREAT!

T3 is enjoying his week at Galileo Camp.  He keeps asking me to sign him up for another one.  He is especially interested in the Olympic week, obviously because the “real” Olympics are coming. The week he signed… Read More

Having a Packed Toiletry Bag always in your Doula Bag

A toiletry bag review may initially seem like an unusual review for my blog.  However I know the benefit of always having a stocked toiletry bag in my doula bag. Here are my must haves: Female “Supplies” –… Read More

A great way to watch edited movies!

Have you ever been watching a movie with your kids in the room and you cringe when you hear or see something inappropriate? Or what about when you are so excited to show your kids a movie you… Read More

Classical Piano Lullabies Give Away

I love a good lullaby CD.  Not just for the boys to listen to, but for me too, especially during car pool!  (T3 age 7 still listens to CDs every night while he falls asleep.) So I was… Read More

Baby Massage Video

I was excited to have the opportunity to review Baby Massage: The Gift of Love.  They sent me a copy so I could watch and review it. I decided to share with my friend who had a baby… Read More

The Midwife of Hope River – Book Review

The Midwife of Hope River by Patricia Harman I have enjoyed reading Patricia’s earlier books, which were memoirs of her life as a midwife and was excited to recieve a copy of her new book, a fictional novel… Read More

Consciously Parenting a Book Review for Any Parents

I got a free copy of this book to do a review.  It is the first volume in a 4 volume series.  This first volume reviews the 8 principles to consciously parenting.   I have been doing my… Read More

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