Review of a Perfect Pair of Books

     I do NOT recommend What to Expect When you are Expecting… this tells you everything that can go wrong and tells you to expect it.  I used to recommend Your Pregnancy Week by Week, because moms wanted a book to tell them how their baby was developing and have a reference to what may be happening to them during pregnancy.  Even this book is a bit too negative, but I didn’t know what else to suggest. I now have the best choices!

      I DO recommend this pair of books to have the best of both worlds.  SEE how your baby is growing and learn the different developmental stages your baby is experiencing, plus have a great reference book on what is normal pregnancy like. 

     The BABY-EGG Pregnancy Countdown Calendar is a wonderful visual of your growing baby and their development.  This is beautifully done and life size. A hook comes with the book so you can hang it on the wall and flip a page each week.  It is especially wonderful for families who already have children.  So great to see and learn how the baby is growing.

     Pair that book with, Pregnancy, Childbirth, and the Newborn: The Complete Guide by Penny Simkin a wonderful reference book with complete pregnancy and birth information presented in a positive way. 

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